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Are you looking to get a Plastic Surgery in Denver?

Well, look no further, we will prove to you why the best option for a plastic surgery procedure is to receive it in Mexico.
As you may know, Mexico has now become the first place in Medical Tourism.
Health tourism or medical tourism is a global phenomenon that consists of traveling to another city or country to receive some type of treatment or medical care (such as surgeries, treatments, rehabilitation) or type of well-being as aesthetic treatments or in spa.

Thousands of Americans travel each month to receive a plastic surgery procedure in Mexico. In 2014, Mexico received 200,000 international patients, according to the most recent statistics from the international consultants Patients Beyond Borders. But that amount rises to 1.2 million by adding to the undocumented Hispanics who return to be served, mostly from California, Arizona and Texas.

The main consumers in the world of health services are the American population, which seeks savings in health spending through high-quality alternatives but at lower prices and attractive tourist destinations not available in their country.
Mexico offers an extensive selection of mainly cosmetic surgery procedures, the difference between cosmetic surgery and reconstructive and reconstructive surgery is sometimes imperceptible, because as already mentioned many procedures of aesthetic surgery come to solve a pathology that affects a function.
Also all of the procedures of the aesthetic surgery are based on others for reconstructive purposes that were developed during the wars, in fact we could say that cosmetic surgery is another case of techniques developed during the wars applied to the civil world. The aesthetic surgery has the objective of correcting, modifying corporal, facial disproportions, in order to approximate them to the parameters of sociocultural beauty.

Mexico has a great selections of plastic surgeons and qualified professionals to offer. As well as an excellent customer service, great installations and high end hotels.
But you must do your research and prior investigation on which doctor you should go with. Because there are a lot of uncertified and unexperienced doctors, who have no recognition nationally and internationally that may offer super low prices, but at the expense of your health and safety.
You need to look for their certifications, experience, reviews and testimonials from past patients, in order to be 100% sure.
The main certification you should look for is the ISAPS, the most prestigious and recognized organization from all the world.
If a doctor has that certification, it means that he is approved and can safely execute procedures and treatments.
Also look for other certifications and make sure to do extensive research before choosing one.
If you are going to invest in yourself, your health and well being you want to be in the best hands.
Also, you want to look for the best hotels and pre and post recovery service and attention, always look for that.

Dr. Jorge Galvan provides exactly that to all his clients. He is a top Surgeon, recognized from all the world, and with more than 27 years of experience with patients from all over the world under his belt.
Make sure to schedule a consultation with Dr. Galvan on the phone number or email below. And his assistant will get back to you as soon as possible.

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