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How to Find the Best Fort Worth Plastic Surgery?

For the last year, Fort Worth Plastic Surgery has been growing exponentially compared to the latest years. Why is that?
Well because several factors, mainly because of the life quality of their population has been increasing and their dispensable income has now grown.

But, how can you find the best Plastic Surgeon on Fort Worth?
You should look for a series of factors. Mainly certifications, studies and which institutions and schools back the plastic surgeon.
As well as experience and reviews from past patients and their overall experience.
If you are looking to receive an amazing plastic surgery, at an affordable price, you should totally consider a Plastic Surgery in Mexico.

It is perfect for anyone who want to change the way they look to order to feel better, but are stressed about the cost of doing the surgery in the US, plastic surgery in Mexico is an amazing and affordable option. Fort Worth and Denver are one of the most expensive places to receive plastic surgery.

In fact, medical tourism in Mexico is an ultra-thriving global industry that sees hundreds of thousands of patients each year. A recent study published by the University of Arizona informs that Mexico saw over 750,000 patients from the US in 2007, and that number rises higher every year. From those, at least a 5% has been from the area of Fort Worth and Denver.

The five most common and popular plastic surgery procedures that are performed in Mexico were liposuction, breast augmentation, tummy-tuck, blepharoplasty and breast-lift surgery. According to the same source.
Mexico Plastic Surgeons afford those prices, because of the low cost of living in Mexico compared to the US, the low taxes and great coin exchange, make the perfect financial conditions for making plastic surgery in Mexico an affordable option without sacrificing quality and service.
In fact, Mexico has some of the Top Plastic Surgeons from all the world. They have the most members than any other nation on the ISAPS, the leading organization and regulator of plastic surgeons on the world.

They also offer some of the high end hotels and hospitals that you can find in the US. Almost at 60% less expensive than the exact same treatment, procedure and recovery in Fort Worth.
The key is to find the right plastic surgeon on Mexico for you. You must do your research prior deciding and make sure to know everything about the surgeon. Their experience, certifications, their past client’s experiences etc. In order to make a educated decision.

That´s exactly what Dr. Jorge Galván offers in Mexico. On one of the top plastic surgery destinations, the city of Chihuahua. Dr Galván founded his internationally recognized Plastic Surgery Institute. Where he has worked with hundreds of patients from all over the world. And several of those patients were from Forth Worth and Denver surgery.

Dr. Jorge Galván, is an expert in Plastic Surgery with 27+ years of experience, he performed his surgical specialty in Europe for 9 years in the countries of France, England and Switzerland.

He established his professional practice in the city of Chihuahua in 1990. Date from which he receives countless patients from Mexico, United States and Canada, who have come to benefit from the astonishing results in Plastic Surgery.

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